VIP Club's Exclusive FB PAGE

What is the VIP Club?

AN EXCLUSIVE BURTON NUTRITION PRIVATE FB GROUP.  VIP offers a hassle free, flexible scheduled delivery (auto-ship)  and other perks. Your order is conveniently shipped to you every month simply and effortlessly. Your credit card is charged automatically at the VIP price or the same price you paid on your initial order. As a VIP, you have access to exclusive specials, promos, and THE BURTON NUTRITION PRIVATE FB PAGE! 

How do I become a VIP CLUB Member?

When your order totals $50 per month on auto-ship you automatically become a VIP club Member and have access to the BURTON NUTRITION PRIVATE FB PAGE! You may set up an auto-ship order for a single product or any combination of products. It's your choice!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Just contact customer support or Call 800 345 4174

What do I get?

You get access to a THE EXCLUSIVE BURTON NUTRITION PRIVATE FB PAGE. The page will be hosted by Steve Burton and Family including Fitness Expert Jon Gustin.  This is an EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY for support, coaching, and MORE BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS with Steve Burton and Burton Nutrition. 


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