• More Exercise, Less Time

    by Jon Gustin We posted this blog last year but I thought it was a perfect time to repost while we're all in quarantine.  The act of working out doesn’t have to take up much of your time. Sometimes we can get a more effective workout if we exercise on a time crunch. Yes we should do something eve... View Post
  • What Can We Do Right Now?

    by Jon Gustin   Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, and anger are all very normal emotions to feel right now. This is a natural response to a World crisis that is completely out of our control. So what’s in our control then? That my friend, is how we react to this crisis. We can spend our days reading ... View Post
  • Never Say "I Don't Have Time" Again!

    by Jon Gustin  “I don’t have time to workout.” I cringe just writing that quote. It’s such a negative excuse and it’s almost as if someone gave up on even trying. Look, everyone on this planet has a 24 hour day and it’s completely your own free will on how you use it. If you are a person that use... View Post