by Jon Gustin Probiotics come from fermented foods or supplements. They are live microorganisms that can balance the gut bacteria in your digestive tract. Unbalanced gut bacteria can cause various health issues for a person. You can get probiotics into your diet in various ways; by eating or dr... View Post
  • How To Do A Full Push-Up!

    by Jon Gustin The Push Up One of my pet peeves as a trainer is when a female client refers to the kneeling push up as the “girl push up.” There is no such thing as a girl vs. boy push up! There is however a kneeling push up and a full push up. I have seen both men and women complete full push ups... View Post
  • Coffee For Liver Health?

    by Jon Gustin So I was recently researching supplements and foods that are great for the liver. In case you didn’t know the liver is quite the organ. It's responsible for many essential tasks and without a healthy liver, your body will perform at less than optimal levels. Also as you know or sho... View Post