Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Why New Years Resolutions Fail


Here we are again! This time we are closing 2018 and embracing 2019 with open arms! This is going to be the year of change, the year I make a huge list and tackle each goal head on. Let me ask you, have you ever really succeeded at every single goal you have for the New Year? Let me answer that for you, NO. Want to know why? You have completely overwhelmed yourself with unrealistic human expectations. In my opinion that’s the second reason why New Years resolutions don’t work. The #1 reason they don’t work is that you didn’t start before the New Year was over. Anytime you wait for the right time to start on a goal, chances are it won’t happen. One study shows that only 9.2 percent of people actually succeed at NY resolutions (statistics). We rely on emotions during the calm. The calm being that time when our endorphins are high from Christmas and we’re a little more relaxed than normal, usually due to enjoying ourselves during the Holidays and possibly having time off of work. We get back to work, back to reality and all hell breaks loose and we throw up our arms in defeat. Then we question our sanity by remembering the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Let’s take a different approach and start with one simple task.

HAVE 1 GOAL THAT WILL MAKE THE MOST IMPACT. So if your goal is to lose 50 lbs lets make a goal that will tackle that head on right away. Something realistic that won’t completely put us in a frenzy when 2019 hits us like Mike Tyson. Chances are if you need to lose 50 lbs, your diet is off and needs work. So maybe let’s give up liquid calories, alcohol, sodas, gatorades, lemonades, coffee drinks etc. After we tackle that we can eliminate something else. Then we can start walking everyday. Then on top of walking we hit a 30 min workout 2x per week. Then March rolls around and your diet has made a turn, you workout 3x a week, and you’re walking 45 min everyday. Next thing you know you are 30lbs down! See how that works so much better than expecting yourself to make a complete 180 come January 1st? Once you tackle that goal, you may have a financial goal you do the same thing with. It all comes down to habits. Small habits over time create equals huge results. 

Lets take a look at the 20 HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. There may be more however this a great place to start. 

  1. They keep a journal
  2. They talk to themselves in a mirror.
  3. They meditate.
  4. They read.
  5. They embrace their fears.
  6. They know that failure is part of success.
  7. They associate with only positive people.
  8. They set intentions.
  9. They are thankful.
  10. They prioritize their time.
  11. They don't sweat the small stuff.
  12. They focus on what they can control.
  13. They actively listen.
  14. They enjoy money as a byproduct of their dream.
  15. They don't count on luck.
  16. They love having fun and celebrate.
  17. They forgive themselves and others.
  18. They never give up but will change when needed.
  19. They don't make rash or emotional decisions.
  20. They listen to their intuition.


As we say adios to 2018 and realize no matter the year you had, you are still here. You’re reading this because you want to get better. You want a better or happier life. Maybe you have it all figured out but let me tell you, NO ONE truly will ever have it ALL figured out. We may be in a good or bad season right now but whichever one you’re in, its bound to switch. There’s always something or someone we can learn from. Sometimes life itself teaches you lessons you never thought you needed to learn. No matter your personal goal or goals, we can all make the world a better place by being nice to others, generous to others, and grateful for the freedom to choose that. But if we’re not healthy in our bodies and minds, that will make it hard for us to succeed for others. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and we at Burton Nutrition are so grateful for your support! Also the fact that you read this entire blog.