What Can We Do Right Now?

by Jon Gustin


Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, and anger are all very normal emotions to feel right now. This is a natural response to a World crisis that is completely out of our control. So what’s in our control then? That my friend, is how we react to this crisis. We can spend our days reading and watching every single new story that drops, people’s opinions, hear-say facts etc. What we can do is rid the poison, pun intended, and strengthen our well-being. There’s been enough studies throughout our lifetime to conclude that stress is detrimental to our health. Stress causes high cortisol levels which in turn cause our bodies to activate our fight or flight. This response is great for a short term reaction but not a long term. Being in this kind of state for long periods of time will negatively affect our sleep, appetite, mood, metabolism, along with other symptoms. These factors can then result in a suppressed immune system. Not an ideal time to have a low functioning immune system, I would presume. So let’s go over some ways we can capitalize on this World shutdown. 




With the social media influence, there’s a ton of information that is simply not true. Listen to the professional doctors and the CDC guidelines. I think social distancing is important right now. As someone who loves getting together with friends, this is hard for me. If it's what needs to happen to to minimize the time frame of us in isolation, then I am for it. If you need to go out for work or the grocery store, just be smart and obviously wash your dang hands! Take this seriously but that doesn’t mean to panic. Try to avoid the scrolling through everyone’s opinions and posting of articles. Headlines will grab your attention and usually are the worst case scenario or fear mongering. We need to stay informed by receiving the information all the while staying calm with the new knowledge. Set a designated time to check the updates to avoid going down the rabbit hole. If you continue to dive into the hole, you may end up in conspiracy land where you question if you’re even a human anymore. Better yet you may even start to think that Covid-19 is a manufactured virus just to get people motivated to start taking their health serious. Anyways, listen to the professionals and avoid the self proclaimed ones.




This title is suggesting that we either should tell jokes or listen to them. As suggested on the recent Netflix trending list, don’t watch Outbreak, 12 Monkeys, Contagious, or Pandemic. Instead consume light hearted movies or shows. The Office is my go to considering it’s the funniest show ever made. That’s not debatable so don’t even try. Old School, Anchorman and Something About Mary are the funniest movies ever made and again, not debatable ok? Bottom line is taking in light hearted movies or shows will determine your mood throughout the day or before you go to bed. To answer the title of this section, “She was afraid someone would Caesar?”




Look I’ve tried meditating and I’m going to be completely transparent and say this is most likely not going to happen for me. So if you can, go for it! I’m just not going to suggest something I don’t do. Look, I have two small children and a Wife I need to cook for so I have to be realistic here. I do workout so I will suggest that! There are so many bodyweight exercises you can do in your home while quarantined. There are a ton on Youtube and we even have some on our website. Who knows if this keeps up there may just be some Live bootcamps coming to you guys soon! *insert thinking emoji. Stress can definitely be managed by working out I don’t think I need to link any studies proving that? Stress can also be managed by reading, writing, watching a comedy, or talking to a loved one. Find what calms you soul and do that. I may be a trainer but I promote the use of moderate alcohol intake to manage stress as well. So if you’re looking for a sign to partake in that glass of Pinot, here it is!




This is really what this blog post is about. The most insane thing about this whole thing is the fact that every human on this planet is experiencing it. During times of chaos, people’s characters aren’t built, they’re revealed. I encourage everyone to reveal your generous, loving character to others that may need it in these times. It could be a family member or a complete stranger. If it’s a stranger just stand at least 6 feet apart ok? In all seriousness this is a global pandemic and we will either be there for each other or simply be there for only ourselves. When the dust settles, who do you want to be remembered as? Stay positive my people and love is always the answer under any circumstance!What