The Healthiest Thing You Can Do

by Jon Gustin


We live in a time where we are constantly bombarded with ads stating how a product can improve or even change your life. This supplement is the best, this product is all you need to get in shape, drink this, do this and so on. You get the point. Now how could I say that when I work for a supplement company? If you’ve followed us for the past 3 years, you know we are always honest on these blogs and any interaction we have with you. We always preface that before you take our supplements, you need to be ready for a lifestyle change. That means changing daily habits such as eating the right foods, exercising correctly, sleeping enough, and being consistent. We stress the importance of these habits first, then explain the benefits of supplementation as an addition. You can take all the best products in the world and if your daily lifestyle habits lack, they will not benefit you as they’re intended. Our family started this company because the supplement industry is one of the most dishonest industries we have. Its an 80+ billion dollar industry yet we still have an obesity epidemic, high cancer rates, and other life compromising diseases. This is because most companies improve margins by cutting quality of their products along with promising outcomes that are unattainable. False advertising is a word that keeps coming to mind. We love fitness but dislike this part of the industry due to a lack of honesty. As a family owned business with children paying attention to us, we value helping others and being honest. Having the opportunity to control the quality of our own products and creating a platform to actually make a difference in this industry was our motivation. That is our WHY. So the answer to the title to this blog has nothing to do with exercising or nutrition. It’s what I believe is the most important thing to do as you embark on your fitness journey. I have been a trainer for over 10 years and when people understand this concept, they thrive. When they don’t, it’s a roller coaster of diets, wasted money, and good results followed by returning to where they started. Let me give you what the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.


It starts between the ears. It’s been said in so many ways and Steve Burton frequently uses the phrase, “change your mind, change your life.” This seems like an overused cliche but it stands the test of time. I always tell clients they need to fix what’s in their head in order to feel and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy doesn’t mean someone has a six pack or a tight figure. Rather it means they are ultimately happy with themselves and they love themselves. Not in the narcissistic way, but the way where you feel like you deserve the happiness you receive. Most people want to look better in order to feel better about themselves. However, this has the same effect of someone wanting to become rich in order to feel satisfied. It works initially then fades quicker than the morning mist. Fitness should be more about actually changing people not just their aesthetics. Even better, fitness should be about feeling happy about yourself, loving yourself, and yes more confidence. So I know you probably want the answer to the title of this blog by now right? 


The healthiest thing you can do for yourself is drink water! Technically, I whole heartedly agree but it’s not where I am going to go with this (but no one drinks enough so I wanted to plug that here.) I probably just reminded you that you need to drink more water as you read this. So go get some water right now and come back to read the rest. The answer to this is a practice that will take time and you will slip up along the way because you’re human. It’s creating a positive self image of yourself. There’s many layers to this and could probably become a book one day. The motive here is to bring up the topic, have you think deeply about it, and hopefully start making the steps. It’s easy to get on the scale, look in the mirror, and listen to nasty comments either on social media or in the tangible world we live in. Self image, self worth and overall mental health is suffering right now. We compare constantly and we treat our bodies worse than material objects. The idea of creating positive imagery of oneself can take years and sometimes it will always be your struggle that you work on daily. The health industry had this intention but it was drowned out by greed, narcissism, and celebrity. This is why we need to rewind the tape and focus on why we do what we do. Daily exercise, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits does produce a happier, less stressed individual on the surface. Those things will help to create the framework of your path to self love but it doesn’t create the finished product. That’s between the ears. I can’t give you the golden answer on what to do here that will suddenly create a positive image of yourself. Though I can tell you to stop the negative self talk, making unrealistic goals, comparing yourself to others, starving yourself, punishing yourself and believing any of this is easy. The one thing everyone needs to hear is that they’re worth it, they’re beautiful in so many unique aspects and the way your body looks isn’t a direct correlation of happiness. 


I hope this gave you more insight to our mission statement as a company and a new perspective on what your fitness goals should be. You know what benefits your mind and you know what harms it. The same goes for your body. Make daily steps to achieve this lifestyle and sometimes a glass of wine is all you need! We love the support you have given us these past years and hope to shed more light on a dark industry. Much love!