Small Change For Big Results!

by Jon Gustin

If you’ve been following us for awhile you know our philosophies consist of keeping things simple. There’s an acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) that I like to point out when explaining some of these. The fitness industry today is so cluttered with chaos we don’t know which way is up anymore. I’m constantly asked “Which exercise is best”, “What diet is best”, “What’s the best routine to follow,” and so on and so on. After being asked that 1000 times I needed to figure out how to tell people an answer without the response of “it depends.” As it definitely does depend, I wanted to give someone something without necessarily taking them on as a client. So I started giving people simple guidelines to follow so they could get started rather than buying a bunch of unnecessary products and trinkets. How can you make small change and create big results? 


Like I said I’m keeping these suggestions simple. Remember the most obvious answers are overlooked because you’ve been fed a lie. The lie that fitness and getting in shape is a complex task with many moving parts. Now I will say an individualized program with clear goals does depend on that one person. For example, someone preparing for a race or a bodybuilding show is very individualized. But here I’m giving you the most simple tasks that create the biggest change. No change is going to happen if we just sit there correct? There’s a saying, “It's the start that stops most people.” Why? Because of that lie you’ve been fed that you need 20 moving parts to get started. Basically if you give yourself too many things you get overwhelmed and quit. So get that booty moving. You know what whole foods are? They’re foods that you either grow or kill. Eat more of those. Water? Drink more. Exercise? Start walking everyday. Just start.


I probably bring this up every single time I talk about what you should start with. No matter your fitness level you should be walking. Its the most underrated form of exercise. It helps with digestion of food, it helps with recovery, promotes blood flow, burns calories, and it's what you’re made to do! We are meant to move! That’s why you have legs. If you don’t have legs then you wheelchair. Don’t mistake that as me trying to be funny cause I’m not. I’m dead serious. I just saw a video of a guy doing a front flip on a wheelchair! I also saw a skateboarder with no legs. Watching people with no limbs do more than people with all limbs tells a very truthful story. The people with everything take it for granted and don’t put it to use. Stop complaining when you have everything. Someone has it much worse and is doing so much more. What I’m saying isn’t suppose to be discouraging its suppose to be a call to action! Get up and get moving! I'd suggest everyone walk at least 30 min a day preferably after a meal.


This is our most valuable asset. How we spend our time literally defines you as a human being. Think about that? I want you to reflect on a week and write down everyday what you are doing with your time. There’s plenty of time in the day but for some reason it doesn’t feel like there is. That’s most likely that you don’t have good time management and everything is in chaos. Get organized and set times to get what needs to be done. Making a list will reduce stress and get your schedule in order. Also give yourself time to relax. It is very important to just sit and think sometimes. You’ll be surprised the ideas that come into your mind. Use your time wisely and don’t believe the lie that there’s not enough.

The motive on this blog is to give you some simple and manageable tips that will make you a healthier individual. I would defeat the purpose if I wrote a 10 page blog on this topic even though I could. The takeaway here is to take a step back, put things in order, and attack those things head on in the most simple manner. It’s like a fighter. If he overthinks his opponents strategy, he will psyche him/herself out and probably get beat. Don’t overthink what needs to be done. Just start.