Our Top 3 Supplements for Immunity

by Jon Gustin


Keeping your immune system functioning at its highest capacity should always be a priority. I think as I write this here in May 2020, it’s not only a priority, it’s more essential than Home Depot or Lowe's. Supplements are a great way to get added nutrition into your body but we all know an overall healthy lifestyle is most important. Things like quality sleep, sufficient water intake, alcohol restriction, and stress management are vital for a healthy body. Prefacing with that, there are supplements that we feel at Burton Nutrition can help our immune systems function at its highest form. I will also add we are in the production phase of a new organic supplement with immunity as its sole purpose. That will hopefully be dropping here in a few weeks. In the meantime here are our TOP 3 SUPPLEMENTS FOR IMMUNITY that we currently offer.


There are many benefits to whey protein but lets talk about the immunity benefits it has to offer. Antioxidants are important in reducing oxidative stress in the body and fighting against various forms of chronic disease. Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. This is produced in the body and depends on certain amino acids in order to become efficient. Cysteine is one of those vital amino acids Glutathione needs. Guess what has a high amount of Cysteine? Thats right! Our milky friend Whey! (1) (2) So the takeaway here is that Whey protein can help the bodies natural antioxidant defense and helping us fight against diseases.

Vitamin D

If you live in a place that’s sunny right now, you need to get some exposure daily! They suggest that 15 min in the direct sunlight will suffice. If you don’t live in the sun or work inside most of the day, you should supplement. Your body’s first line of defense is in fact your immune system. Vitamin D has shown to increase the performance of immune cells that protect your body against pathogens. (1) Obviously the research and treatment of Covid-19 is lacking and we would never claim to have any preventative measure. Although studies of Vitamin D have shown deficiencies in the vitamin can harm immune function and increase your risk of developing respiratory illnesses. (1) That’s enough for me to at least supplement with Vitamin D considering it takes minimal effort to do so.

Daily Packs

We have Women and Men’s Daily Packs at Burton Nutrition. I will also include in this our Multi Vitamin that plays a similar role however the Daily Packs do have more nutrients in them. These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and vegetable blends. To go over all the benefits would take me writing a book about the subject! As always prefaced, we should be getting a lot of our nutrients from food but it’s sometimes necessary to supplement with more. A multi vitamin is great to assure you are getting sufficient nutrients into your body daily. 

These are just 3 products I thought were our top for immune function but again, as stated in the beginning, all of our products support immune health in some way. Our kids probiotic is great for the little ones immune function and we also have a probiotic for adults. Lastly, make sure you guys do some sort of activity 30 minutes per day. This could be walking, stretching, playing a game, gardening etc. Lets keep it positive and take care of our mental health! Much love!