4 Quarantine Fitness Tips

by Jon Gustin


As a personal trainer, the gym was my office. I love the fact that I do online training and have for over a decade, but I have always kept some clients in person. I like the hands on and the physical interaction. It’s the best of both worlds but I prefer to keep them balanced to support my need for interaction and my desire to help as many people I can across the globe. The gym has been a second home as well as an escape. I haven’t been in a gym for 6 weeks now. I’ve embraced the reality and some great things have come from this conformity. I know some people that are struggling right now not having a gym to go to. The gym is so much more than a place with workout equipment, its a place to battle mental health, a place where “family” is, or simply an escape from the daily responsibilities. Yes some may think that during this time of crisis it’s overdramatic for a minor inconvenience. Look, we all have inconveniences during this time and there is definitely a lot of people struggling with catastrophic circumstances. Where I am going with this is that we should all agree that physical, mental, and emotional health is very important right now. So we’ve embraced the harsh reality that are lives have changed and will be different for a very long time going forward. Here are 4 tips to keep you healthy and sane during a time of crisis.




Spring is here and I know some of you live in places where it’s still snowing. For that is what we call “salt in the wound.” If there is any sunshine at any point, run into it like a puddle of water in the desert! The benefits from natural sunshine on mental and immune health are unmatched to everything besides an overall healthy lifestyle. Walk as much as you can, garden, run, do your workouts, or yoga outside. If you are fortunate to still be working, do the work outside in the sun. Here in Tennessee it will be 72 and sunny one day and 45 and raining for the next 3. I take the one day of nice weather and do everything I can to do activities outside for that day. Remember to wear sunscreen though because we know what happens if you don’t! Don’t let the sunshine fall and not get at least 30 min of the golden light.




I also like to refer to these kind of exercises as functional movement. If you didn’t know already that I am doing a LIVE workout every Saturday this month at 9am EST on Facebook Live! Be sure to check that out since I do exactly what I am talking about here. There are so many to include but some basic ones are: squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and planks. Again if you don’t know the proper form please come to the Live workouts because I explain so much on this topic. Very valuable information that will increase stamina, flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance. There’s so much you can do with your own bodyweight that’ll give you a great workout without a gym or equipment. Definitely not the same however, we are doing our best to continue to take health seriously and this is what needs to be done.




When life goes back to whatever normal is going to come from this, you should have a head start not an uphill climb. You can do that by exercising daily as mentioned prior and eating a balanced diet. You have the power to buy certain items at the grocery that will help this or hurt this. Don’t buy the obvious junk food or high caloric drinks and snacks. Stock up on high protein meals, fruit, salad, beans, legumes, plain yogurt, and a few sources of complex carbohydrates. If you need ideas check out our CREATE YOUR OWN MEAL PLAN with some great ideas. Also our SHAKE RECIPES can replace the unhealthy snacks you were going to have. Stay as active as possible to increase your daily caloric expenditure in order to create a calorie deficit not surplus. Heck, you may be really active one day and earn that glass or two of wine! 




If you been reading my blogs for awhile you know I will keep this suggestion until it’s drilled into your skull. This should be so natural for us since were mostly made of water and it determines how well we digest food, metabolism, immunity, flushing of toxins and so on for a million years. If you don’t like the taste of it put some lemon, fruit, non sugar sweetener etc in it and drink it! Sorry there’s no way you can be healthy in a slightly dehydrated state like a lot of people are. Here’s some perspective, if you only drink when thirsty you are already dehydrated. You’re not slightly dehydrated, you are dehydrated! First thing in the morning you should drink at least 8-10 oz before you do anything else. Another great concoction that will replenish all that is lost during sleep is: 8 oz water, half freshly squeezed lemon, and 1 teaspoon salt. This replenishes minerals lost and hydrates you the quickest. Stop the excuses and do the simplest thing you can do for your health and weight loss journey! You have plenty of time to pee now :)


Now is the time to take your health serious! There is no more putting it off, it can literally save your life. It’s not about looking good in a bathing suit, a wedding, etc. It’s about health and longevity in life. We love you guys and the support you give! Be safe, stay home, and wash your hands!