3 Morning Routines That Guarantee A Successful Day

3 Morning Routines That Guarantee A Successful Day

There are about ten things I can suggest here but remember what we said back in the “Why New Years Resolutions Fail?” If you give yourself too much, chances are you will burn out. So instead of giving you a 45 min pre day routine, lets do what we  do best and keep it simple!

Morning routines are the most important part of your day or at least should be. Think about it. Have you ever woke up late, took a 5 minute military shower, if any, and grabbed a cliff bar on the way out only to sit in traffic. Then you get to work late, malnourished, possibly stinky if you skipped the shower, and stressed to the max? Yeah we all have. Then to top it all off you end up having a horrible day where it seems like you can’t catch a break. That’s called falling behind. See if you don’t start your day off good, chances are it’s going to be difficult dealing with the inevitable stresses of the day. The entire day since you opened those crusty eyes is going to feel miserable. You will probably have some bad happenings in your day or unexpected stress come up. That’s called life. However, if you start your day on a positive note, at least you have that. Let’s go over the 3 essential things you need to do in order to at least have a good “pre day.”


Well we should just be grateful we made it to this point because if you didn’t wake up, well, you know. But we’re not just waking up, we are waking up before the day starts. So if you wake up 30 min before you have to leave and are rushing out every single morning, that’s a bad start. I want you to have at least 15 min to do your pre morning routine. Everyone has 15 min they can spare in the morning no matter what time you wake up. If its at an ungodly hour, trust me 15 min earlier feels all the same. A little hack that requires a little bit of planning the night before is to limit too much thinking in the morning. Thinking as in what to wear and what to bring for lunch or even whats for breakfast. Lay your outfit out the night before. This can save a ton of time! Have your lunch packed and ready to go in the refrigerator. Have the coffee maker ready to go so you just have to press a button. Even have your coffee mug on the counter. Make overnight oats (https://wholefully.com/8-classic-overnight-oats-recipes-you-should-try/) and have them ready to go in the refrigerator. Just a little preparation the night before can actually allow for more sleep and definitely more time for a pre morning routine.


This is huge. That phone you have in your hand is full of every kind of stress you can think of. If you start your day reading whats on that thing, see ya later alligator! Do not and I repeat do not open that phone until you are completely done with your pre morning routine. If your phone is your alarm turn it off and place it face down and leave the room. It’s amazing how many people check their phones immediately after waking up. It’s the chase for that dopamine high in hopes of a positive email, text, or lovely comment. Chances are it’s filled with everything that is opposite of what I just said. Leave the devil device alone! Don’t worry it will still be there in 15 min.


Since I’ve limited myself to just 3, I found it hard to choose between this one and exercise. But even as a trainer and fitness expert, I am going with this one. The reason is I believe that your mental health is the most important health one can have. The thing is I also believe that in order to have great mental health, you should have great physical health as well. So I will say this, if you have a little more time in the morning I would add a fourth thing, exercise. Even if its only 10-20 min. It could be as simple as 25 squats and a 30 sec plank 3 times through. But if you don’t I’d rather you go with this. Write some thoughts down. Preferably what you are grateful for or who you are grateful for. Maybe it’s your goals for today or even some long term goals or ideas you have for yourself. But make it your positive thoughts. After that I want you to read something. Just like exercise wakes up your central nervous system and muscles, reading wakes up your brain. It could be a devotional, non fiction book, self help book, or the newest Nicholas Sparks novel. Doesn’t really matter as long as its not on your phone, not a news article, and nothing that you will perceive negatively. It doesn’t need to be a lot, maybe just a page but sit down and read. You’ll be surprised how liberating it is to sit there in silence reading. If you aren’t sitting in silence, you slept in. Sorry but you’re going to have to find a time when no one else is up. If your entire family wakes up early, guess what, you’re waking up 15 min earlier!

I want you to try these 3 things out the morning after you’re reading this. See how many days in a row you can do this and be honest with how it affects your day. How do you respond to stress if you had a good morning routine? How was your mood? How did you treat people that day? Really be conscious about how you are feeling. There is one thing I have to add that should be done before all of this. I will tell you guys this until I am blue in the face. DRINK WATER FIRST THING AFTER WAKING UP! Yes I am yelling and yes you need to do better. Here’s to starting the day off on the right routine! Let’s get it!