• Best Exercise For Belly Fat!

    I bet you wish this was a blog post about best exercise to lose belly fat huh? Well the reason it’s not is because that would be a 3 word blog titled: There is none. Belly fat is just that, fat. How do you lose fat? You eat a calorie deficit of whole, nutritious foods and you exercise. I instead ... View Post
  • Why New Years Resolutions Fail

    A Better Approach to the New Year. by Jon Gustin  I wrote this blog at the beginning of 2020 and I just have to laugh. Not because 2020 was funny but because I personally didn't take any of my own advice. I set this whole mental plan out in this blog only to be blind sided by a global pandemic. I... View Post

    by Jon Gustin Probiotics come from fermented foods or supplements. They are live microorganisms that can balance the gut bacteria in your digestive tract. Unbalanced gut bacteria can cause various health issues for a person. You can get probiotics into your diet in various ways; by eating or dr... View Post