• Back to School! Ideas For A Healthy Lunch!

    by Jon Gustin Depending on whether or not you’re a parent, teacher, sun addict or pumpkin spice lover, summer is almost over and school is back in session! You’re either extremely happy or utterly sad about this! I just want to take a moment to appreciate all of you teachers out there who work so... View Post
  • Never Say "I Don't Have Time" Again!

    by Jon Gustin NSCA “I don’t have time to workout.” I cringe just writing that quote. It’s such a negative excuse and it’s almost as if someone gave up on even trying. Look, everyone on this planet has a 24 hour day and it’s completely your own free will on how you use it. If you are a person that... View Post
  • More Exercise, Less Time

    The act of working out shouldn’t or doesn’t have to take more than 45 min. Sometimes we can get a more effective workout if we exercise on a time crunch. Yes we should do something everyday like walking, stretching or working out but it shouldn’t take up much of your time. The excuse of not havin... View Post