• 3 Moves to Help Low Back Pain

    Low back pain is a very common problem with us as humans. There’s a slew of reasons, but most commonly it's due to our bad posture and the fact we sit at desks all day. We are constantly in a “hunched” over position either reading the latest email at work or looking at the latest celebrity Instag... View Post
  • Best Exercise For Belly Fat!

    I bet you wish this was a blog post about best exercise to lose belly fat huh? Well the reason it’s not is because that would be a 3 word blog titled: There is none. Belly fat is just that, fat. How do you lose fat? You eat a calorie deficit of whole, nutritious foods and you exercise. I instead ... View Post
  • Why New Years Resolutions Fail

    A Better Approach to the New Year. by Jon Gustin  I wrote this blog at the beginning of 2020 and I just have to laugh. Not because 2020 was funny but because I personally didn't take any of my own advice. I set this whole mental plan out in this blog only to be blind sided by a global pandemic. I... View Post